Hello World.

I'm a UI/UX designer and front end developer based in London, England.

Taking ideas and concepts, no matter how complex, and turning them in to easy-to-use, interactive and beautifully crafted designs is something I will never get tired of. From brainstorming ideas, sketching wireframes and creating high-res design concepts to coding in the latest iterations of HTML, CSS and jQuery, interactive design and development is my passion.

If I'm not deep into a design or coding session, I'm probably watching any sport going, football and NFL in particular, or planning what part of the world to see next!

The Services

HTML5 CSS3 jQuery User Interface Design User Experience Design Photoshop WordPress development and theme customisation SEO
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HTML is the essential tool for all front end web developers, and was the very first language (after English!) I set about mastering. All websites that I develop are built in valid, semantic, HTML5 code, taking advantage of the latest technologies to ensure your website performs at an optimum level.


HTML is great, but what good is it if it doesn't form a fantastic user experience? That’s where CSS comes in – allowing me, the web designer, to take user interface designs and turn them into clean, lightweight CSS to make your website look exactly as the concepts do! I develop to the latest CSS3 standards, leveraging box models, animations and much more. Not to forget, my CSS is cross-browser developed and tested, and built on responsive frameworks as standard, meaning users will get the best experience across all browsers and devices.


To complete the front-end development stack … JavaScript! To be precise, I develop using the popular JavaScript framework, jQuery! I have created, from scratch, everything from slideshows and image libraries to advanced sort functionality, taking a good user experience and turning it into a great user experience.

UI Design

I call myself a hybrid web developer. So, not only do I specialise in front-end development (and I'm starting to learn back-end development too), but I also excel in the design of user interfaces. UI design is an incredibly important phase of the web design process, making sure that the users are always the most important thought when creating the interface. I aim to make the user's experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

UX Design

Along with designing interfaces, I also provide a UX design service as extensive as your project requires. From the initial phase of user research and surveys, creating persona's to the development of wireframes and user experience mapping, finishing of with user and A/B testing, I can tailor the UX design process to the client’s needs.

WordPress Development and Theme Customisation

Content is king, and as this becomes more and more a client's focus, then the requirement of a content management system (CMS) is becoming more of a necessity. I can offer customised WordPress theme's with a small amount of PHP customisation, allowing me to offer clients a CMS designed to their needs with the ability to update and add content on-the-fly with no developer input!


Photoshop is my chosen photo-editing software. I mainly use Photoshop to create user interface concepts, starting with digitalising wireframes, and then creating a ‘style-tile’ based from design meetings with the client. I then create full design concepts as the final part of the process.


Towards the top of the priority list for all clients when starting a web project is search engine optimisation. A great website with no exposure to users is destined to fail, so I also offer a standard SEO package for all web projects (with additional customization available). I keep up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm updates to leverage the best techniques available for search engine optimisation.

The Process

Idea fertilisation


Arguably the most important stage, taking an initial seed of an idea and laying the foundations to nurture and grow that idea into the finished product.

From an initial brainstorm session, Hatch. will conceptualise that idea before carrying out competitor and sector research. Close communication with the client to set the goals and objectives of the website, as well as discussion of the site content then follows, before finally mapping the website hierarchy.

Project incubation


With an idea fertilised and shell in place, the idea will now grow during the incubation stage, going from words and ideas to finalised designs and developed code.

Taking the fertilised idea, Hatch. will wireframe the site to create the foundation that the site will be designed upon. Concept sketching can begin with the foundation in place, and once complete the final design stage is to create hi-res mockups of the site concept. Once the design is complete, coding development can commence.

Project launch


The final and most delicate stage of the process will finish with the completed site breaking out of the development shell with a full launch to the public.

Before the official Hatch. the site will firstly be fully tested across all browsers to ensure fully validated and working code. Testing complete, and with client approval, the site can then be fully launched into the world wide web.